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ENSL S15W4 vs. Prostokvashino

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Status: Postponed


Match: 9L vs. Prostokvashino

Date: Postponed until further notice.

Maps: ns_tanith, ns_origin



Prostokvashino: TBA


Result: TBA

Downloads: TBA





A more relaxing week for us than last, as we feel that we’ve got pretty good control over Prosto from the PCWs we’ve played — as opposed to last week, when we had no idea what to expect from Saunamen. Still, there’s no doubt Prosto have several able players, especially in Snake, bHack and mp and we’re going to have to play our best to get the 4-0 we want.


Points might end up not mattering much though. I don’t think it’s been decided yet if there will be semis or a straight final this season? I guess it’s going to be semis even though that makes the league portion of the season pointless. Makes no sense to me, but I digress… In any case I’m sure it’s going to be a GG as the Russians have proven to be one of the most civilised top teams and are always fun to play against.

ENSL S15W3 vs. Saunamen

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Status: Finished


Match: 9L vs. Saunamen

Date: 24th of October 2010, 20:00 CET

Maps: ns_metal, ns_tanith


9L: Doctor, dux, enigmatic, Fana, franky, lagga, mOkezi, s4

Team Fantasy: jiriki, leipa, Nde, Peacham, Tane, Yufa


Result: 3 – 1

Downloads: HLTV demo





I was very pleasantly surprised by Saunamen turning up for this match. Hopefully this means they’re getting back to activity. We’d been practicing sporadically for this match, as we didn’t think we’d get to play it, but it turned out that was enough. Some excellent shotgunning by marko on metal, safe Fading by franky and pro Lerking by enig were high points of the match. Our alien rounds were rock solid, but we had some trouble on the marine rounds.


Saunamen surprised us by doing some weird one RT strat on metal, which really put us off our game, but we managed to win the game through sheer pressure on their starting Hive. Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep alien res down on tanith and ended up being swamped by fades even though we killed 10+. Kudos to Tane for carrying Sauna through the midgame as super risky Fade.


All in all I’m happy with our performance and we’re going to work hard on fixing our weaknesses in time for the final.

ENSL S15W1 commentary

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Courtesy of youtube, here are some video recaps of our S15W1 match against Team Fantasy, with blind commenting! Big kudos to him for putting in the work. These are a very good alternative to watching the HLTV demos, although you get a bigger picture and have more control with the demos. Blind also made a similar recap for the UGO-gorgerush match, well worth checking out.



Round 1




Round 2




Round 3




Round 4


ENSL S15W1 vs. Team Fantasy

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Status: Finished


Match: 9L vs. Team Fantasy

Date: 10th of October 2010, 20:00 CET

Maps: ns_veil, ns_lucid


9L: dux, Fana, franky, lagga, marko, s4

Team Fantasy: Aleksi, ekri, elynn, LizardKing, TrC, Varathar


Result: 4 – 0

Downloads: HLTV demo





The first match for our new team against the haphazard but veteran Team Fantasy. Judging by player strength alone, we should have this in the bag. However things are never that simple. We’ve only been playing together for a couple of weeks now and we’re still in the early stages of gelling as a team. Team Fantasy on the other hand have been playing together for years and won’t have any trouble in that department. The second map choice of ns_lucid adds another joker to the deck, which could benefit either team. Anything but a victory will be a disappointment for us obviously, but losing a round wouldn’t be too shocking.





This was a lock for us. No mistakes and clean, controlled play throughout. The kind of stuff that makes in-game leaders all moist. In summary: marko brought the aimbot shotgun, franky’s fade was as safe as the United States gold reserve and dux’ meds struck us like lightning seeking lightning rods. Good game.