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Army of Wltrs redux coming this weekend

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

It’s been a long way coming, but I’ve finally managed to man up and get down to it.


For those of you who live in a cave or something (how are you even on the Internet if you live in a cave!?), Army of Wltrs won the ENSL Movie Competition in May 2009. It was universally lauded as one of the best NS movies to date and I was fairly pleased with it. That said, it was far from perfect. Unfortunately I had to rush it through production to finish it in time for the contest deadline and it shows.


Part of the reason why I haven’t been spreading it around after winning the contest, is because I wanted to patch it up first. I haven’t quite had the motivation for the past year, but finally I’m back in business. Barring any unforseen problems, the improved Army of Wltrs will be released sometime this weekend. Probably on Sunday.


The changes I’ve made are too numerous to list and this time around I can finally say that this is the movie I wanted to release. It’s still the same movie though, so don’t go expecting the second coming of Christ. Many of the changes you probably won’t even notice, while others are pretty obvious. Without revealing too much, the introduction part of the movie has received particularly much attention.


Stay tuned!