Army of Wltrs redux


This is the improved version of the ENSL 2009 Movie contest winner, Army of Wltrs.



Nine Legends Natural Selection pack


The 9L.ns pack is a compilation of various custom files for the Half-Life modification Natural Selection. These custom files are tailored towards competitive players, with making fragging easier and more enjoyable as the main goal.



Natural Selection: Movie Edition


Natural Selection: Movie Edition is a significant overhaul of the visual and audial presentation of the Half-Life modification Natural Selection. Changes have been made specifically to improve both the user friendliness and quality of Natural Selection moviemaking.





Radial is a collection of some of the best frags caught on demo over the last 4 years. Mostly taken from the European scene, it is a showcase of the best players in the game, showing many highlights of high-level matches from such competetitions as the Natural Selection World Cup, the European Natural Selection League premier division, aswell as the second NS-Invitational tournament.



Nine Legends: Origins


Nine Legends: Origins is the story of the early beginnings of our now somewhat renowned Natural Selection team, at that time known as “Team Newrope”. During August 2005, players from the two top Natural Selection teams in Europe banded together to form what was arguably the most talented roster ever gathered in Europe, both before and after.