Counter-Strike movies worth watching

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As the popularity of fragmovies increased, so did the amount of movie makers and movies released. In the last few years (2005-2008) we’ve seen an explosion in the amount of fragmovies released, both good and bad. Unfortunately, most were bad, really bad, and finding the gems hidden between the turds has become harder and harder. In an effort to fix this situation, me (Fana) and esJ have decided to put together this lovely list of shiny movies, to help you find your way in the jungle. Bear in mind that this is a list based on personal preference and not objective reviews. We’ve tried to keep it as objective as possible, but in the end, this list is mostly a “movies we like” list. If you don’t like the movies we like, u can talk 2 da foot cuz da hand is on vacation aight.


All the movies are sorted by category and then alphabetically. We’ve written short descriptions for all the movies we’ve selected, but these are not proper reviews, nor are they intended to be. We’ve decided to keep critique to a minimum and focus on the positive aspects of the selected movies. Obviously we’re not omnipotent and I’m sure there are lots of movies we’ve forgotten about, or haven’t even seen, that deserve to be on this list. Any help the readers (that’s you, numbnuts) could give us in improving this list would be appreciated. Just throw me a line.



Hot movies


This is the main category. Some of these movies are so good you risk creaming your pants while watching them… if you’re a weirdo. Fucking weirdos.



Allout by IcemaN

Overall a very enjoyable movie. Doesn’t attempt to break any new ground, but pulls off all the usual tricks decently. Nice frags from a wide variety of professional players. Enjoyably fresh soundtrack, apart from the weird Kelly Clarkson selection.


Around the World by FistOr

A very underrated and underappreciated movie, with nice frags and editing. Nothing mindblowing, but all in all a solid movie.


aZn Reloaded by numlocked

A player practically unheard of outside of the north american scene, this movie features frags from aZn against top american teams such as united5 and EG, aswell as international heavyweights such as coL, mibr and fnatic. The editing is unintrusive and does a good job of showing off aZn’s skill.


Catch the Future by pava and bsl

A fragmovie chronicling top norwegian team Catch Gamer’s 2005 tournament run. Great frags, great editing, exciting soundtrack, what more can you ask for?


Clutch by Sam Pollach

A movie composed entirely of the most infamous clutch rounds by some of the most famous players in the world. This movie is definitely worth watching for that alone. Including the infamous round at the World Cyber Games, where team 3D’s moto wins a 1v4 against SK.swe whilst stuck behind a box, the level of frags in this movie is outstanding. Let down a little by the editing, this is nonetheless a great watch.


CPL Winter Championships 2005 by ibiz and pava

Frag highlights from back when the CPL was the center of attention for the entire CS esports community. Good frags and clean editing go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Mmm.


Deathlock by MUNKY

Frags by mostly unknowns generally isn’t as interesting as watching the pros do it, but fortunately the editing more than makes up for it.


Eve by cRZYFST

2007’s seminal movie, lauded by many as the greatest movie ever made, while others claim it’s overrated. No matter which camp you find yourself in after having watched it, you won’t miss the roughly four minutes it took. A must watch for movie makers looking for tips on how to sync audio/video. Too bad about the stolen intro, but it doesn’t detract much from the viewing experience.


fnaticf0rest minimovie by Deniz Derya

“Short but sweet” is a phrase that aptly describes this movie. The frags are good, it’s f0rest duhhh, but what really makes this movie worth watching is the editing. It’s very simplistic, but Deniz Derya syncs audio/video in all the right places and manages to create a feeling of “speed” throughout the movie. Basically, this movie has schwung.


fRoD the Clairvoyant by kuniva

America’s wonderboy fRoD rips some faces off with his AWP and the editing is, for the most part, quite good. The End.


JAEGARN X: The Revenge by Xenoq and PheZZo

The movie that perhaps marked the high point of Chillside’s releases, with hot frags and sexy editing. Any self respecting fragmovie enthusiast should be familiar with this one.


Jigetus – Everyday combat by shao

A great movie that deserved more attention than it got when it was released, with good frags, nice editing and a fresh soundtrack.


kuLi – The movie by Moltes and kuLi

A fairly generic movie, but nonetheless very entertaining. Lots of nice frags and one of the most innovative and hilarious blooper reels ever.


Lost Memories by hNk

One of the first movies worth watching from 2008. The frags aren’t bad, per se, but amateurs fragging amateurs really isn’t very interesting anymore. Fortunately, the editing is good enough to cover for the mediocre footage.


Mourning Walls Collapse by cRZYFST

If you follow CS movies, you will have watched MWC at some point. It’s inevitable. It’s arguably one of the most influential cs movies of recent times, with amazing audio/video sync and visual effects that leave you drooling for more after 10 minutes of incredible frags by a diverse mix of world-famous and totally unknown players.


Mousesports (the old movie) by kaLa

This movie has a lot of great frags by the German top team mousesports, back when they were at their peak and many considered them to be the best team in the world. Amazing editing, amazing frags, amazing tunes. The legendary Roman R 1v3 eco clutch against SK gaming, with 3 seconds remaining, is reason enough to watch this movie.


onepointsix by cRZYFST

cRZYFST, not exactly known for underediting his movies, surprised the moviemaking community with this short fragmovie. Unlike his previous big hits, onepointsix contains barely any editing, except for some basic audio/video sync at points and color correction. Fortunately the level of frags is outstanding, although much if it has already been used in other movies. Arguing that this is what a real fragmovie should look like would be plain wrong, but certainly it is possible to put forward a wish for more well produced movies that focus on the frags instead of the editing.


restOck4 by kaLa

In the last, and best, of the restOck series, Michael Weicker aka. kaLa yet again shows why he’s regarded by many to be the greatest CS fragmovie maker of all time.


Ruination by reflex

One of the most popular CS movies of all time, with good reason.


Saturday Night Live Beta by Qujon

Style Productions don’t actually seem to make movies anymore, but their beta versions sure are quite good… by FlouChy

A fragmovie hailing from, of all places, the Slovenian 1.6 scene – delivers impressive frags with great editing and synchronisation. It’s almost like watching the Slovenian synchronised swimming team, just without the naked men.


Sunman 5 by DrAgOn

Made for the Creative movies Editors cut competition, Sunman 5 features (shockingly) frags from the world-famous player Sunman, hailing from such teams as zEx and coL. With a cool soundtrack, nice editing, and some amazing frags against the worlds top teams, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Team 3D World Cyber Games 2004 by DchozN

DchozN’s mass production and unique editing style tends to be hit and miss, depending on the movie, and this is probably his best hit. This movie also has the dubious honor of being the only Condition Zero movie worth watching.


The Fellowship of NoA by Sebastien Poirier and shaGuar

NoA’s way to their first CPL, documented by frag highlights. The great content, the awesome editing and the pointless, but very cool, 3D segment at the end are worth mentioning before instructing you to download it.




Spoof movies


Some movie makers like to include bloopers somwhere in their movie, to lighten the mood. These movies, however, contain ONLY bloopers and crazy antics. If you don’t LOL, or at least say “LOL” out loud (please don’t) at least once while watching these, you really need to get a sense of humor!



moNstrous by dook

Who knew you could have so much fun with Metamod? Magic carpet rides for everyone!


Pubmasters: The Movie by techwarrior

While the sequel was a disappointment, the first Pubmasters movie was the stuff of legends. Once you’ve seen a running mantower or a mantower defusing a bomb through the ceiling/floor, you won’t ever forget it.






Fragmovie making has come a long way from its humble beginnings, with many areas involved in the editing process improving immensely. Unfortunately, by today’s standards, many of the greatest movies of the past no longer seem quite as good. Either their editing techniques have been copied to death in more recent movies, or the frags seem boring, or the compression quality makes it difficult to see what’s going on, or… you get the point. Regardless of their shortcomings, many of us still fondly remember, and enjoy watching, these decrepid old buggers.



Chicks Dig X-Pec by Pibbz

X-pec used to be one of the best norwegian teams, back when CS was still pretty buggy. Part frag movie and part spoof movie, this one will make you both smile and raise your eyebrows. The editing leaves much to be desired and the soundtrack doesn’t really fit a fragmovie, although diverse and enjoyable on its own. Held a place on’s top downloaded list for years, but recently got bumped off.


Choual History X by Yokozowner

Almost a tutorial in micro sync, even in 2008 this video is still one of the most well synchronized Counter-Strike movies available for download.


eoLithic Tribute by Zaknafein

Perhaps THE most famous fragmovie of all time, featuring hot frags by one of the most legendary — and most overrated, some would say — teams in Counter-Strike history. This is the movie that “made” Zaknafein, and his emotional editing style worked really well in this one. There are lots of CS movies that will make you happy, but this is the only one that’ll make you sad — in a good way.


frag or die by bds

Frag or die was released while the fragmovie scene was still very young and was by far the most professionally made back then. While other, later, movies may have had a bigger impact on the scene overall, this was the first fragmovie blockbuster.


Hard Clan – Die Hard by sozou

sozou shocked the esports world with this movie, containing awesome frags and audio/video sync. Five years later, it’s still considered by many to be one of the best CS movies ever made. Possibly the only CS movie that’s managed to successfully use a trance heavy soundtrack.


Norway: Generation 1.5 by Zaknafein

Zaknafein’s second big hit. While not as emotionally harrowing as the eoL tribute, it’s certainly a well rounded movie. One of the movies that helped start the “frags from unknown players” craze and probably the best of the lot.


Project 9 by Vocal and Xsystus

Another legendary European team, Team 9, owning some faces off. The years haven’t been kind to this one, but the frags are still enjoyable.


Odolinski – chapter 2 by sozou

Far less frequently mentioned these days, at least in comparison to sozou’s most popular movie: the previously mentioned Hard Clan – Die Hard. Probably because it was far less spectacular, with less editing of the frag clips. When this was released however, the insane frags displayed wowed everyone who watched it. Unfortunately, several years later, the frags seem fairly average. The ridiculous AWP reflexes shown at the end of the movie are still quite impressive.


The Art to Frag by kaLa

Weicker’s first release, one of the first movies using decent video/audio sync. While most of the effects seem very basic today, this was cutting edge shizzle back in the day.




Special selection


Movies that for some reason don’t deserve a place in the other lists, but are still worth mentioning.



Bombsight by INVERT

What do you get when you combine terrible editing, terrible compression quality and ridiculous frags? Bombsight of course! By any standard it’s a really bad movie, but the frags are simply unbelievable. Worth watching once for the “LOL OMG WTF” effect.


compLexity: Redemption by Daniel Frome

Not a fragmovie, but a great documentary. Highly recommended if you like that sort of thing.


fury3 by X-BeRt

Editing can sometimes make it more difficult to “see” the frags that are being shown in a movie, in essence removing the entire point of showing the frags in the first place. That’s why this movie has barely any of it! The frags are pretty insane, although against unknowns, and worth watching for that alone. The lack of any meaningful editing means I can’t add it to the main category, however.


Mousesports (the new movie) by BL!TZ

Dispute: esJ likes it, Fana doesn’t.


SK – Believe by Hesesses

Dispute: Fana likes it, esJ doesnt.