Natural Selection movies worth watching


A few months ago, Dracka started a project to gather all the Natural Selection movies ever made and make them available for download. Follwing this great initiative, I (Fana) decided to make a list of the best NS movies — movies that are worth watching — and provide direct download links to make it easier to grab hold of them.



Renaissance to dominance


This article was originally published on New Year’s Eve 2006. It was an attempt at summing up the events of the year in our small community, from my (Fana) point of view. I think it does a fairly decent job at that, so I’ve cleaned it up and reposted it for historical purposes.



Flatline interview


This team review and interview was made for the first 9L website, back in 2006. At that time, Flatline was still a fairly unknown team, although they were quickly gaining recognition as they worked their way to the upper echelon of European NS. Since then they’ve been one of the most stable and successful NS teams of all time and have built up an impressive record of tournament achievements. In season 9, they finally won their first ENSL title and joined an exclusive group of champions.



ENSL S5: Road to the final


This short article was written in late October 2006. It sums up our trials and tribulations in the group stage of the fifth ENSL season. Much fun was had and many fond memories gained. The end of the story did not live up to the events detailed here unfortunately. We beat Levitacus 4-0 in a dull final and the promised cash prize went up in smoke as Google reclaimed their money. Oh well!



b1 interview


This interview was made for the first 9L website, back in 2006. It was originally intended to be part of a larger series of interviews, but it ended up being the only interview. Some interesting answers from one of the most legendary European NS players to ever play the game.



sherpa: Rags to riches


Rags to riches is the story of sherpa’s journey from newbie to veteran gamer. It’s filled with great stories, both funny and nostalgic, about one of the most likeable players in the NS community. It was first published in 2006, but consequently forgotten when the second Nine Legends website was launched in 2007. Two years later, it’s finally available again. Highly recommended reading for anyone who has the time to spare.



Cleaning up NS demos


Unfortunately, moviemaking is a process that requires both mindbendingly creative and horribly boring tasks. Most of the preparation work that has to be done before making a movie falls under the “horribly boring” category. Cleaning up demos is one of these essential tasks that need to be completed before the actual “moviemaking” begins, in order to create a great movie. In this guide I will show you how to clean up demos easily and reasonably efficiently.



Fixing old NS demos


Lately I’ve gotten a few questions about the new Steam patch making old demos not work. Obviously this has been a problem for me as well, as I’m in the process of making an unannounced NS fragmovie (uh-oh!), so I decided to do some investigating on teh intarwebz. Fortunately I was able to find a reasonable solution quickly, although it isn’t perfect. For one it only works on first person demos, although eventually it will also fix HLTV demos. It also requires a tiny amount of effort on the part of the user. Anyway, for those of you interested in watching old firstperson demos — and hopefully HLTV demos in the near future — here’s the solution!



Counter-Strike movies worth watching


As the popularity of fragmovies increased, so did the amount of movie makers and movies released. In the last few years (2005-2008) we’ve seen an explosion in the amount of fragmovies released, both good and bad. Unfortunately, most were bad, really bad, and finding the gems hidden between the turds has become harder and harder. In an effort to fix this situation, me (Fana) and esJ have decided to put together this lovely list of shiny movies, to help you find your way in the jungle.



The extensive 9L Natural Selection demo archive


Our goal was to create the largest and best organized downloadable NS demo archive on the Internet and we’ve succeded. With demos ranging from version 1.04 up until the current version of NS, our demo archive is a great resource for anyone wanting to watch skilled players in action or just see how NS used to be played all those years back. It’s also an excellent way for movie makers to find frags for their movies, as a lot of these demos aren’t available anywhere else and have never been used in a fragmovie before.