Army of Wltrs redux

This is the improved version of the ENSL 2009 Movie contest winner, Army of Wltrs. Featuring some of the best frags and editing ever seen in an NS movie.


Built on an Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness theme, with exclusively marine frags. This may disappoint alien lovers, but with the movie theme and considering wltrs’ renowned marine play; it had to be this way.


Robin “wltrs” Brinkestål is possibly the most legendary Natural Selection player ever, having played since its early beginnings. He is universally recognized for his incredible marine play, but he’s also a very able alien player. He currently holds the record for most ENSL championships held by one player.




Army of Wltrs poster




Movie details


Release: 28th of March 2010
Type: Fragmovie
Game: Half-Life: Natural Selection
Director: Ø. “Fana” Foss
Featuring: Robin “wltrs” Brinkestål

Movie details


Length: 5 minutes 9 seconds
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)
Framerate: 30
More info: Readme.txt

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Compression: x264, high quality
Size: 183 MB
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Compression: x264, low quality
Size: Stream
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