Nine Legends Natural Selection pack

The 9L.ns pack is a compilation of various custom files for the Half-Life modification Natural Selection. These custom files are tailored towards competitive players, with making fragging easier and more enjoyable as the main goal. While new players may also enjoy the contents of this pack, you should probably be careful installing this if you’re not sure what you’re getting into. With the previous versions of this pack getting over 3000 downloads, you can safely assume that it’s worth while checking it out, though!


the Nine Legends Natural Selection pack


The precursor to this pack, known as the Knife Gaming pack, was a bit more user friendly in many ways, as it came with an installer. I’ve chosen not to go with an installer, as I personally think it was more hassle than help. Having everything in a .rar should make it easier to pick out the files you want. Although, regrettably, it does make it more difficult for “newbies” to get things working “just right”. Ask someone who’s already installed it for some pointers if you’re confused.


Because the 9L.ns pack was made for competitive players, everything included in it is guaranteed to work with mp_consistency 1. Some of the included files might be considered more or less exploitative, but they’re all ENSL legal — and widely used.



Less talk more download


Direct download link (2.1 MB).





Menu background,
Marine HUD,
Alien HUD,
Outline minimap,
Labeled outline minimap,





The nL.ns pack was created by Ø. “Fana” Foss, but contains works by many authors. Kudos to “a8085”, James “Admirable” McDonnell, Bobby “b1” Jonsson, “Cloud King”, “Droggog”, Tim “evilness” Sanou, “export”, Jonas “eXo” Lindbäck, “HiVeFiSh”, “JetJaguar”, “grepdashv”, “makaveli”, “mJay”, Carl “morphz” Free, Michael “mu” Loughlin, “NsN”, “oma”, and “Slith”.



List of features


+ Alien upgrades text instead of icons.

+ Cleaned up and improved alien hive information.

+ Invisible waypoint icons.

+ Knife Gaming menu background.

+ Minimalistic Marine upgrade icons.

+ nineLegends menu background.

+ No ambient sounds.

+ No chat beep.

+ No game startup music.

+ No HLTV icon

+ No useless weapon sounds (draw, reload, et cetera).

+ Outline minimaps.

+ Reduced HUD fonts.

+ Scoreboard weapon text instead of icons.

+ Several configs from assorted players.

+ Several different crosshairs.

+ Small Alien energy and Cloak bars.

+ Small motion tracking sprite (now optional).

+ Small text fonts.

+ Transparent Commander HUD.

+ Transparent Commander techtree.


The full version to version changelog can be found in the 9L.ns pack 1.5 readme.