Radial is a collection of some of the best frags caught on demo over the last 4 years. Mostly taken from the European scene, it is a showcase of the best players in the game, showing many highlights of high-level matches from such competetitions as the Natural Selection World Cup, the European Natural Selection League premier division, aswell as the second NS-Invitational tournament.


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Release: 8th of June 2007
Type: Fragmovie
Game: Half-Life: Natural Selection
Author: Mark “esJ” Edgecombe
Length: 10 minutes 14 seconds
Resolution: 800×450 (16:9)
Framerate: 30
More info: Readme.txt

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Size: 254 MB
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Size: 290 MB
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Citrus Leon Sublime
Ed|Rush morphz Tane
enigmatic Morvie tjosan
esJ Mustang tomekki
Fana Naxu Tripas
GibbZ Omood Tweadle
Hivefish phil wltrs
Hopeanuoli Pizza zaCk
Gonzo Rebeli Zakj-
Kira Saeppel zharp



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