Natural Selection movies worth watching

Way back when, Dracka started a project to gather all the Natural Selection movies ever made and make them available for download. The movie list quickly grew and jiriki provided the server space for distributing these videos. Following this great initiative, I (Fana) decided to make a list of the best NS movies — the movies that are worth watching — and provide direct download links to make it easier to grab hold of them.


Now bear in mind, these are all Natural Selection movies, and even the very best ones fall short of top fragmovie standards. There’s only one, maybe two, Natural Selection movies I would even consider recommending to someone who isn’t particularly interested in the game. However, for the rest of us, who are or have been interested in Natural Selection, there’s quite a bit of fun to be had watching these flicks.


Natural Selection movies worth watching


I’ve written short descriptions for each movie, mostly why I think they’re worth watching summed up in one sentence. I could write proper reviews of the movies, but I don’t really see the point. You won’t have any problems spotting the faults yourselves, so I’m just going to focus on the good stuff. I don’t feel comfortable reviewing my own movies, so I’ve just written some random bullshit line for most of them.


I’m pretty sure I’ve listed all the movies I found enjoyable, but there’s always the chance I’ve simply forgotten one. Feel free to let me know if you think some movie should be on this list and maybe I’ll add it. If your suggestion is really bad I’m probably just going to make fun of you. Over the Internet. Ha-ha. The movies are listed alphabetically.


Big thanks to Dracka and jiriki for doing the legwork to make some of the more obscure movies on this list available for download.



Top movies


And then came the Finns by Aleksi

Nice quality, cool frags, some decent attempts at video/audio sync and Scale’s legendary hand grenade. Gogo.


Army of Wltrs redux by Fana

The winner of the 2009 ENSL Movie Contest in slightly improved form.


Atomic NS by jiriki

Sweet frags and picture quality, sync isn’t bad either. 60fps makes the movie really smooth, but you need a fairly modern computer to even be able to play it.


Fananation by Fana



Flawed eXistence 2005 by Tempo

Hot action from down under.


Invaders From North by jiriki

Good picture quality, frags and editing. The typo in the movie title is charmingly Finnish! Finally a movie that gives me credit for the NSME pack… Grrr.


knifegaming tribute by b1

Some neat editing combined with b1’s ever popular blooper reel emphasis makes this one of my all-time favourites.


Lagga The Second Coming by Lagga

This one’s all about the frags. Fortunately they’re decent enough to warrant watching. 40fps, ingame sounds and good picture quality help make it interesting.


markonism by mOkezi

Sweet frags from the ENSL Season 15 MVP. Kind of like a 2011 morphzmovie. I approve!


morphzmovie by morphz



Nine Legends: Origins by Fana



Natural Domination by Lagga

Cool frags and tolerable quality, good enough.


Radial by esJ

Possibly still the best NS fragmovie, depending on your tastes. Great frags, great editing, all in all a great movie.


Small tribute to ENSL by Pyro

Doesn’t break any new ground, but has all the basics down solid. Decent frags and editing, good picture quality.


Tane The Showdown by Aleksi

Runner up in the 2009 ENSL Movie Contest. Good frags and editing.


Reign of Terror by Mustang

While there are other reasons to watch this movie, it all boils down to a single scene: Mustang devastating Reflect on ns_eclipse. Probably the most amazing frag ever featured in a movie.


teamexigent by froggeh

Editing? What editing? You don’t need editing when you’ve got frags like these!


Team Exigent – Ascension by Jmms

One slick movie. The editing is a bit plain at times, but the frags are awesome and the picture quality is super crisp.


tutu the movie by FreeZe and b1

FreeZe’s trademark mix of movie — in this case a music video — and ingame footage combined with G√ľnther’s legendary song, tutufrags and tutubloopers makes for a very enjoyable experience.



Special interest


Natural Selection Jumped by Fana

The movie that started the craze, the genesis of Natural Selection trickjumping.


Natural Selection Jumped 2 by Fana

What the cheese?