Natural Selection: Movie Edition

Natural Selection: Movie Edition is a significant overhaul of the visual and audial presentation of the Half-Life modification Natural Selection. Changes have been made specifically to improve both the user friendliness and quality of Natural Selection moviemaking.


Natural Selection: Movie Edition


While we’ve had other movie genres in mind while making this pack, our main focus has been fragmovies. Some changes/additions may be detrimental to other movie genres. Certain fragmovie scenes may also benefit from modifications to NSME. We encourage you to experiment with the included files to tailor NSME to your taste and moviemaking style.


Mark “esJ” Sneddon and Ø. “Fana” Foss are the two most prolific Natural Selection moviemakers and have put years of experience and skill to use when creating NSME. We both hope and believe that this will lead to more and better Natural Selection movies in the future.


The files in this pack DO NOT work with mp_consistency 1!


Direct download link (3 MB).





Menu background,
Steam Games menu,
Marine first person,
Alien first person.





The nL.ns pack was created by Mark “esJ” Sneddon and Ø. K. “Fana” Foss, but also contains works by many authors. Kudos to Bobby “b1” Jonsson, “Cloud King”, “ctx, “Droggog”, “juGGaKNoT”, Carl “morphz” Free, “muffin”, “l0tus” and “oma”



List of version 1.1 changes


+ Added screenshots.

+ Cleaned up game menu.

+ Completely reworked userconfig.cfg.

+ Minor tweaks to assorted files.

+ nineLegends icon in Steam Games menu.



List of features


+ Userconfig.cfg with essential moviemaking settings.

+ Cleaned up game menu.

+ Crosshairs for different versions.

+ Enhanced muzzleflash sprite.

+ Enhanced ricochet sprite.

+ HLTV weapon models.

+ Liblist.gam to distinguish moviemaking installs.

+ Links to some essential guides.

+ Moviemaking HUD.

+ Movie Edition version of nineLegends menu background.

+ nineLegends icon in Steam Games menu.

+ Removed a lot of unneccesary and annoying sounds.

+ Removed all ambient sounds.

+ Removed game music.

+ Removed HLTV logo.

+ Removed minimaps.

+ Small text fonts.

+ Version specific liblist.gams.


The full version to version changelog can be found in the NSME readme.