ENSL S15W1 vs. Team Fantasy

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Status: Finished


Match: 9L vs. Team Fantasy

Date: 10th of October 2010, 20:00 CET

Maps: ns_veil, ns_lucid


9L: dux, Fana, franky, lagga, marko, s4

Team Fantasy: Aleksi, ekri, elynn, LizardKing, TrC, Varathar


Result: 4 – 0

Downloads: HLTV demo





The first match for our new team against the haphazard but veteran Team Fantasy. Judging by player strength alone, we should have this in the bag. However things are never that simple. We’ve only been playing together for a couple of weeks now and we’re still in the early stages of gelling as a team. Team Fantasy on the other hand have been playing together for years and won’t have any trouble in that department. The second map choice of ns_lucid adds another joker to the deck, which could benefit either team. Anything but a victory will be a disappointment for us obviously, but losing a round wouldn’t be too shocking.





This was a lock for us. No mistakes and clean, controlled play throughout. The kind of stuff that makes in-game leaders all moist. In summary: marko brought the aimbot shotgun, franky’s fade was as safe as the United States gold reserve and dux’ meds struck us like lightning seeking lightning rods. Good game.

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