ENSL S15W3 vs. Saunamen

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Status: Finished


Match: 9L vs. Saunamen

Date: 24th of October 2010, 20:00 CET

Maps: ns_metal, ns_tanith


9L: Doctor, dux, enigmatic, Fana, franky, lagga, mOkezi, s4

Team Fantasy: jiriki, leipa, Nde, Peacham, Tane, Yufa


Result: 3 – 1

Downloads: HLTV demo





I was very pleasantly surprised by Saunamen turning up for this match. Hopefully this means they’re getting back to activity. We’d been practicing sporadically for this match, as we didn’t think we’d get to play it, but it turned out that was enough. Some excellent shotgunning by marko on metal, safe Fading by franky and pro Lerking by enig were high points of the match. Our alien rounds were rock solid, but we had some trouble on the marine rounds.


Saunamen surprised us by doing some weird one RT strat on metal, which really put us off our game, but we managed to win the game through sheer pressure on their starting Hive. Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep alien res down on tanith and ended up being swamped by fades even though we killed 10+. Kudos to Tane for carrying Sauna through the midgame as super risky Fade.


All in all I’m happy with our performance and we’re going to work hard on fixing our weaknesses in time for the final.

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