ENSL S15: recent matches

By Fana in General, on November 25th, 2010 at 15:02. No Comments.

Unfortunately the last month has seen a serious bout of inactivity in the entire scene — in what little is left of it anyway. Even just getting a PCW has proven difficult and officials not being played has been the norm rather than the exception. While we weren’t the first to stop playing, this has affected us too. Our practice lately has been non-existant, in part due to no opponents and in part due to lack of available players. As a result, the quality of our play has taken a nose dive. We still intend to finish this season in style and with semi finals coming next week we’ll hopefully get back into activity and melt some faces.


Last week we played a two matches in a row on Sunday, to try to catch up with the season schedule. We defeated both DeGz and CAL-NS, although in a less than impressive manner and are pretty much guaranteed a spot in the semi finals even though we have two matches remaining. Unfortunately lagga had some problems with the ENSL plugin, which delayed the DeGz match by an hour and ultimately forced us to play with mercs. Big thanks to Osku for mercing against DeGz and to Doctor for mercing against CAL-NS.


I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with Prostokvashino or TROLLS, but hopefully we’ll play those matches on Sunday to wrap up the league part of Season 15.

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