ENSL S13W5 vs. Turning Point

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Status: Finished


Match: 9L vs. Turning Point

Date: 6th of December 2009, 20:00 CET

Maps: ns_tanith, ns_eclipse


9L: dux, evilness, Fana, morphz, Oetel, sherpa

Turning Point: Air, Almaty, CoBvsCoF, kranky, LS, noway, Pyromatic


Result: 3 – 1

Downloads: HLTV demo





Another week in inactiveland. We managed to get evilness to step in at the last moment so we could actually play the match. Big thanks to him. This is a match I’d rather forget as soon as possible however. I don’t think I’ve ever played this bad… and I’ve played bad. Kudos to Turning Point for putting up a good fight though, it turned out to be a pretty exciting match, even though mostly for the wrong reasons. Groovy commanding from sherpa, safe lerking from Oetel and mop carried. GG.




On paper, this should be an easy 4-0 for us. However, we’ve been having some activity problems lately due to massive inactivity from certain players. Turning Point on the other hand have recently strengthened their roster by adding past UGO player macpersil to their roster. In addition, we may not have an actual comm for the match, as sherpa isn’t sure if he can play. b1 is busy making Christmas food and JustMe is — apparently — not playing with us anymore. Should be fun!

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