ENSL S13W4 vs. 250 de ping

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Status: Finished


Match: 9L vs. 250 de ping

Date: 29th of November 2009, 20:00 CET

Maps: ns_metal, ns_tanith


9L: dux, Fana, koetje, morphz, Pizza (vax), sherpa

250 de ping: BatraxJr, cond0r, CrovaX, fitoX, Herrsheimer, Hitman, Hudson, LaTOO, Snail


Result: 4 – 0

Downloads: HLTV demo





Fortunately Pizza was able to step in, as we were unable to field six from our regular roster. Embarrassing.


As expected, the high pings resulted in awkward gameplay. Nothing game changing however. 250 de ping put up stiff resistance on our metal alien and tanith marine especially, but we prevailed in the end. Our metal alien started out tragically bad. No teamplay and poor individual choices let them get a big early advantage. Morphz fortunately pulled out his oldschool fading skills and we managed to get the second hive up. They camped PGs and defended res until they had JPs and HAs, but once we managed to get the third hive building they had to push — that’s when we devastated their res and won the game. Split MOTM to sherpa and morphz for cool commanding and reliable fading.




Judging by the results so far, this should be an easy one for us. However, we’ve never played against this team and we don’t really know what to expect. Add to that the high pings, as Europe plays against Argentina on an American server, and suddenly there’s a volatile mixture in the pot.

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